As an asset finance broker we are able to assist with the majority of your funding requirements.  Being in business since 1998 has allowed us to build relationships with lending professionals working for some of Europe's largest finance houses, banks and private finance companies.  We are well connected and can find a lender that has an appetite for your requirement.

Very simply put, asset finance is borrowing money to purchase an asset which can be anything from computers to heavy machinery, a car to a fleet of delivery trucks.  The asset itself acts as security for the loan, so unlike banking facilities (e.g. overdraft etc.) the financing cannot be recalled during the life of the agreement.  It's the third most common source of finance for business after bank overdrafts and loans.

Meeting your funding requirements through lenders other than your bank reduces exposure for both sides and will allow a greater flexibility in the amount of funding available. We will work to secure a deal for you, minimizing costs and structuring repayments affordably.  

In addition to purchasing new assets we can assist you to raise cash quickly by releasing equity in machinery, vehicles, equipment and other assets that you already own.

Our core products for asset acquisition are hire purchase and finance lease.  For assets you already own we can arrange sale and lease-back or sale and hire-purchase back to release funds for other use.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and we can structure many other solutions to meet almost all funding requirements.